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Welcome to My name is Denny and I would like to invite you to look at our variety of wine racks and gold nugget jewelry. My first experience with jewelry was working for a silversmith as a young boy. At that time most of our work involved gold nuggets and fossil walrus ivory. I love working with a piece of raw Australian opal and I like to put the stones with the true beauty of the raw gold nuggets. When I was about 18, I took a position at an aluminum mill, but still maintained my interest with gold nugget jewelry, crafting for my friends and family and the occasional craft show.

After 24 years of work at the aluminum mill, I started my own construction inspection business that let me into fiber optic engineering, my current profession. I also like to write music and have produced 2 CD's of my original songs, several of which have made it to radio. My creative interests have also led me to writing novels; I have completed one and am currently writing the second.

Last winter while sitting in my friends' kitchen in beautiful Northwest Montana, we were sharing a bottle of wine when I happened to mention that it would be fun to try and make something out of some naturally shed old elk horns, but I really didn't want to do what other artist were doing making antler lighting. It was this line of thinking that let me to make an elk horn wine rack.

Years and several art shows/conventions later, my hobby has evolved into what you see here. Through the summer and fall I do several fairs and art shows. This winter I have started to set my schedule for next year where I intend to do more high end art shows and travel to tourist centers throughout the Northwest.

I love watching elk and deer, and take great joy in creating something out of naturally shed antlers.

I have ideas for several other antler products that are different then anything I have seen anyone else do. Please keep in touch and visit my site often and maybe you can take the time to enjoy something I take great pride in creating.

Thanks for stopping by,
Denny Myers